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Publishing content (2)

How to publish content

Before trying to publish any content to Tehkseven, please be sure to read the Publishing Guidelines.

Publishing content to Tehkseven is easy. Once logged in, simply click the “Add” button from the top of any page. You’ll be given the option to upload a “ringtone”, “theme” or “wallpaper”.

You’ll be presented with a form specifically for uploading the content you’ve chosen, for example the fields in the form are different for a theme compared with a wallpaper.

Publishing guidelines

The following publishing guidelines will help ensure the Tehkseven galleries are kept in perfect order. Those who follow the guidelines closely, will be given auto approval in to the galleries.


This should be the name of your upload i.e. Super Mario and should contain only letters and numbers, no special characters such as “@ $ %”. You do not need to add your username to the title, or even whether it’s a theme or a ringtone. The system will do all of this for you. Please don’t use all caps for titles.


This should accurately describe your upload. Include credits to elements you use etc. Descriptions should be text only, no images.

Prevalent colours

For themes and wallpapers, you should always select the main colours in your upload.

Family friendly

Maintain a T7 Family Friendly gallery.

No watermarks or links to rival sites

Your blog or personal gallery is fine and of course you can link to other pages on Tehkseven.

Gallery images

This is the image that will appear in the gallery view. For themes this should be a single image of the home screen.

Additional screenshots

This is where you can add extra previews, full previews etc. Do not include full previews in the description field. Please optimise your previews by saving as .jpg vs .png.


Choose an accurate category for your content.


These should be ADDITIONAL ways to describe the upload. Category, color, title, and description all do their jobs.

Thanks for helping keep the galleries organised!

Using the website (3)

How to create an account

To be able to enjoy all of the features available to the community, you will need to sign up for a member account. Registration is easy and only takes a moment to complete.

To sign up, click the “Register” link at the top of any page.

You will need to provide a valid email address, as we require all users to validate their accounts.

Logging In and Out

Logging In
Once you have signed up for an account, you can log in by pressing the “Login” button at the top of any page.

From here, you should enter your username and password. If you tick the “Remember Me” box you will not have to sign in when you visit the community in future. This ability can be very useful, but should not be used if other people have access to your computer or if you are using a public computer.

When you are ready, click Sign In.


Forgotten your password
If you have forgotten your password, you can click the “Forgotten password” link on the sign in page below the password box. Simply enter your email address and we will send you an email with details on how you can reset your password.

Logging Out
To log out click the “Log Out” link at the top of every page in the user menu.

Searching Tehkseven

You can easily search the Tehkseven community from any page. The search is smart and knows the type of content you’re looking at. Depending on what you’re viewing, the search will return different results. For example if you’re viewing ringtones and perform a search, the form will return ringtones.

Your profiles (1)

Update your cover photo

The cover photo is the image that shows in your profile header, it’s a way to personalise your profile.

To update your cover photo simply click “Edit Profile” from the user menu in the top right, (the one that says “Howdy, username”). Now click the link “Change Cover Photo” and simply choose a new cover photo or delete your current one if you’ve decided you no longer wish to have one.

The ideal cover photo size is width: 1090px x height: 250px but you can also upload larger photos if you wish but they will be cropped by the system.

For support requests, please use the support forum.

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