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    This thread is a place to discuss the latest C4C, your badges, and C4C topics you would like to see in the future.

    Jump in!

    Avatar of tricksypicksy
    Post count: 784

    Minions was SO much fun, and I’m really enjoying Virgo as well. It’s nice to have an assignment to get into. C4C is also really helping me to decompress after some rough days. Loving the chance to be creative, and the challenge of a focus point! What do you guys think of your Minion badges? :D

    Avatar of blackadder
    Post count: 127

    It’s a nice change to make something I wouldn’t normally go for

    Avatar of slomosam
    Post count: 19

    One down… well, looking forward for more.! It was so much fun .. and the badge looks damn cool. :) Thank you so much.!

    Avatar of justbe
    Post count: 356

    Thanks for the badge, looks cute
    I was about to give up the Virgo C4C with mixing Good that finally Youtube cooperated with me after some

    Avatar of deejssj
    Post count: 119

    what kind of badge is it??

    Avatar of tehkseven
    Senior Boarder
    Post count: 74

    Deej, have a look at any of the above members profiles to see the badge. And no worries! We will occasionally have a Regrets C4C. These weeks will be an opportunity to create the content that will get you ONE older badge. These weeks will not come often, so try to keep up and you won’t have too many regrets to choose from!

    We will have weekly C4C challenges, as well as a monthly. This month is Virgo, and the badge is another good one. Go get it! This weeks C4C starts tonight!

    Avatar of maryla75
    Junior Boarder
    Post count: 12

    a very pleasant surprise for me, thank you sincerely badge is great

    Avatar of paula
    Post count: 19

    Hi guys, I have a question: is there a certain number of uploads requested for a C4C topic? I mean, which is the minimum ‘amount’ requested in order to receive the badge?

    Avatar of tricksypicksy
    Post count: 784

    Presently we aren’t asking minimums Paula. Everyone seems to understand that we need a great deal of content to get going again, and everyone is contributing a lot to the cause. If we get to a point where we feel most people are submitting one thing just for a badge, we will consider requiring minimums. Right now everyone seems eager to help fill the galleries to bursting, and you are all doing a beautiful job of it!

    But when we put out a C4C, yes – we appreciate as much content contributed as you can find time to create! The more the better, but as always quality being first priority!

    Avatar of nicque
    Epert Boarder
    Post count: 338

    Well I remember how much crazy I was about C4C in old T7, I use to die to collect the cool badges designed by our Jeannie… and I am equally happy to have it back once again. At present I am too occupied with my new job and my computer is giving me hell lot of a problem. But I will be back with a bang soon. What I am suggesting is popular topic such as Minion and Game should get repeated or reopen again in the future for members like me who miss them can participate once again and collect the cool badges as well. ;)

    Avatar of tricksypicksy
    Post count: 784

    Yes Nicque that’s what we’re calling the Regrets C4C. Every once in a blue moon we will have a Regrets C4C. At this time members can go back and earn ONLY ONE badge they missed previously!

    Avatar of nicque
    Epert Boarder
    Post count: 338

    Oh that will be so much fun Jeannie!! Thank u, muah :*

    Avatar of blackadder
    Post count: 127

    Just like to say a big well done for all who took the time to create something for the Virgo C4C . You lot are a very talented bunch of people

    Avatar of stephie21
    Post count: 217

    Yes well done guys on your new badges…very well deserved :) :)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)

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