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    Paul, you’re going to have to think about the site rules, do we keep them as they were with the old T7 , or maybe you want to relax some of them a bit etc…

    Avatar of tricksypicksy
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    As far as nudity goes, it hasn’t hurt m9 or zedge.
    I wouldn’t allow pornographic images, but T&A should be okay.
    Maybe if we employ a NO ‘JUNK’ rule. LOLOL

    As far as leeching goes, I think we should allow someone to share if they aren’t claiming they created.
    Maybe at upload the person can check a box or something.

    I’d like to not have a ton of duplicates this time around, so first upload should stay on a share.
    If a member can show authorship, the upload goes to them.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid passing tons of duplicate content?

    Avatar of robjm
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    Trouble is with the more people processing uploads, the less likely someone will notice duplicates, and some, like me :) don’t have a very good memory :D

    I wonder if we could have 3 different account types to choose on sign up , creators,sharers,downloaders(will they need accounts?)

    Maybe as far as nudity goes I agree Jeannie more or less a free for all but no porn , however if Paul wants the site to be more family friendly, maybe no full frontal nudity , just the more artistic, covered, suggestive stuff , ie an arm over the naughty bits :D , although if I remember correctly, google didn’t even like this!

    Avatar of tricksypicksy
    Post count: 784

    Yes, that always baffled me – That we tried SO hard to remain within Google’s rules for inappropriate stuff, yet other sites would thrive with absolute trash everywhere. I agree the more tasteful, tactful poses. Artistic. No crotch or nipple. Or danglies. Etc. :D We should also have a censor available for racier uploads, that one clicks to view. Keep it office / home friendly. I’d like my kids to be able to visit T7.

    It’s going to be odd without M & B in the house. Maybe we can search the db before approval to avoid dupes. If we come across them later apply the rule, did you make it? Yes? Yours. No? Is creator here? Yes? Delete. No? Did you upload first? Yes? Delete other(s). No? Delete.

    I think the three different account types will go a long way toward both placating artists spoiled to T7′s copyright policy, and allowing folks who share to make a home here. We definitely need to have more activity than we did. We will just have to be diplomatic and remind folks that most of us started off sharing, some of us started off on the completely wrong foot in this odd little mobile world we’ve made.

    Avatar of robjm
    Post count: 437

    I wonder if we could maybe add a ‘Adult’ category? (still with the same content rules though).
    Have the default view of the gallery not to show these?, with an option to include of course…

    As for the account types the 2 generally don’t overlap, creators and sharers , I don’t think? If anyone moved on to creating their own I think they would want a new account anyway? so as not to mix the two.

    Avatar of tricksypicksy
    Post count: 784

    There are a few who share and then try to make their own as well… I can’t remember names, it’s been awhile. As for the middle of the road, I was thinking those themers who use someone else’s icons or wallpapers. Wallpaper artists who use other people’s resources. DJs who mix in other peoples tracks.

    It wouldn’t be a definition of the account, but of each individual upload.
    For each upload you might have the following drop down menus:

    Created By: me, unknown

    If me is chosen then a drop down:

    With: all my own work, elements of others

    This will just label the upload as original or not from the start, and maybe avoid flame wars.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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